Canada Visa Application



Canada Visa Application

Canada is known for its excellent and affordable healthcare, robust and booming economy, and a destination hub for tourists, job seekers, and investors. Canada has more than 70 immigration streams that will suit your immigration objectives. This article will discuss the major immigration streams and their subcategories:

Who Needs a Canadian visa?

A foreigner who intends to visit, working, or wish to permanently reside in Canada must obtain a visa. These visas are issued to applicants by a visa office located within a Canadian embassy. Residents of visa-exempt countries are not obligated to obtain a visa before Canada, however, they are required to obtain electronic Travel Authorization or ETA.

Depending on the purpose of the visit, the requirements for Canadian visas differ. Regardless of your immigration objectives, whether you are visiting Canada on a temporary or permanent basis there is a visa for your traveling need.

Applicants must prove that they satisfy all eligibility requirements before their visa application will be granted.

Application for Canada Visa

The Canada visa application is dependent on the type of visa that suits your immigration objectives.

You need to go through the following steps to apply for a Canada visa.

confirm your eligibility.

create your online profile.

arrange the supporting document.

Pay application fees.

Wait for the processing

submit your visa.

Confirm your eligibility

In order to simplify the application process. the government of Canada created a different test that evaluates applicants’ eligibility by filling a questionnaire.
The system will be able to determine if you are eligible to apply for a visa after the evaluation.
Also, you will be sent relevant information on how to steps to take to satisfy all the requirements.

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Create Your Online Profile

The instructions you receive by mail will show you whether you ought to apply for a Canada visa online or in person. however, since the Canadian government is digitalizing its records, most applicants will submit their applications online. And you must create an online profile to do achieve that.

Your online account can be created in two ways:

Create a Government of Canada login (GCKey) or
Use your banking login. This is possible because the Canadian government has partnered with numerous banks.

You can use any of the above methods to create an online profile, however, to make payments, you will use your banking details.

Arrange The Supporting Documents

You can start your visa application once you gain access to your online account, and start the visa application you have been deemed eligible for. By entering your reference code, you will be shown a complete list of required documents for your Canadian visa application. The required documents must be submitted online.

Pay the application fees

Upon confirmation of the submitted required documents, the system will navigate you to a page where you will make the payment. Depending on the visa you are applying for, you make the appropriate fee, and when it is done your application will be submitted.

To see the application on your account, it will take around 5 workdays. and if your application is submitted in person, you will just have to submit the documents to the Canadian Embassy in your home country.

Wait For The Processing

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, the Canadian embassy will process your visa application for two or more weeks. You may be required to provide additional documents, biometrics, and schedule an interview.

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If you are required to attend an interview and provide a biometric, this implies that you must visit the Embassy in person regardless if you submitted your application online. You will be required to schedule an interview or the Embassy will make one for you. You will submit your fingerprints and photographs, and provide answers to questions from a Canadian Embassy official.

The officers have the exclusive preserve to decide if you are fit to get a Canadian visa or not. Their decision can be communicated to you immediately or sent to you as a notification.

It is advisable to check your online account, as all notifications regarding your visa application will be posted there.

Submit Your  Canada Visa

The next step is to submit your passport to the Canadian embassy if you get a notification that your Canada visa application was approved, and you will have to submit your passport to the address of the embassy in your home country.

The processing fee range from $20 to $50, this is dependent on the type of you visa you are applying for, and it must be paid by money order or cheque. Also included in the fee is a payment for return envelope for your passport.

The Embassy officials upon receiving your passport and fees, will stamp the visa on your passport, and mail it back to you. However, if you receive news of your application immediately after the interview, you will pay the processing fee and collect your passport after stamping.

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